Banat Alyoum

Banat Alyoum - The Cosmic Feminist

Banat Alyoum Illustrations

These illustrations were created for Banat Alyoum, an Arab female movement, that empowers and encourages girls to follow their dreams and speak their truth.

My Silence Does Not Equal My Consent

The first illustration was created to encourage girls to be vocal about the power of consent, and how the misconception of silence plays a role in the abuse of women and girls.

Be Kind To Your Mind

The second illustration was created to encourage women to take care of their mental health and to make it a priority.

Client Testimonial

"I asked Zulfa to create an illustration series that aligned with our brand look and feel. I provided her with the subject matter and we were able to brainstorm ideas together on that basis.

I felt that we communicated very effectively and openly, we were able to build on each other’s ideas and came up with 3 bold concepts.

​The illustrations created were used in a social media campaign for our Instagram page and they are still the most engaged with and liked pieces of content on the page. The images are on brand, strong and also very relatable with our target audience."

​- Hanan AlHaifi, Founder of Banat Alyoum