Consent Comes First Series

Consent Comes First Series

Consent Comes First

The series was created for Consent Comes First a project at Ryerson University that provides support to sexual assault survivors in Toronto. The series purpose is to provide survivors with affirmations on posters and postcards.

Client Testimonial

"Zulfa did a fantastic job creating illustrations for an affirmation poster project series for survivors of sexual violence. She was able to weave the messaging and branding of Consent Comes First into the project. Zulfa was excellent in communicating with our team, and in seeking feedback to ensure that the final product was one that we were happy with. It was truly a pleasure working with Zulfa, and I would recommend her to anyone." - Kelly Prevett

Illustration Process

Kick-off Meeting

A meeting is set up with the client to discuss the messages they need to communicate. We identify the key target audience and style preferences. Prior to the meeting, the client provides the concept of ideas, content, and preferred style images.


Black and white sketches are provided to the client. The sketches include visuals as well as any written content provided by the client.

Client Feedback

The client has the chance to provide written feedback. They can make changes relating to composition and addition or subtraction of elements. Next, we proceed with full-color illustrations.

Full-Color Illustrations

The illustration is finalized by applying color and texture. The client has the chance to provide any last edits here. Lastly, after approval, final high-resolution files are prepared and sent to the client.